Training Leaders For the Last Days' Harvest

Covenant University (CU) is a Christian University offering undergraduate and graduate programs in ministerial academics. We are committed to helping you reach your educational and ministerial goals in an affordable and convenient manner. Whether you are beginning or continuing your education, CU offers what you need in a Biblically-founded, Christian atmosphere.

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Credible Ministries in their Pursuit of the Great Commission



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    I am a Covenant graduate and I can tell you that I would not trade the experience for anything. I learned how to allow God to be my teacher instead of man. The weekly required papers caused me to hear the voice of God on various topics. They caused me to expand my knowledge through the mind of Christ. I am now a Pastor and ever grateful for the training received through this school.
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    Covenant Bible College causes you to once again become God conscience & people oriented! Developing the heart and mind of Christ compels you to become a laborer for the harvest with a heart of humility & thankfulness into God! So let's Reach lives with passion....Change lives with power.......Living lives with purpose!!
    Dolly Collie-Harvey
  • 5
    The most Amazing school ever ! I Thank God that I had the opportunity to go to this school and receive an incredible education.
  • 5
    Getting my AS and BS Degrees have changed my life. Thank you CBCS for tremendous, life changing blessings.
    Bonsall Michael
  • 5
    Wonderful. Simply wonderful. Quality, in-depth practical instruction into the Word of God!
    David Reeves
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